Frequently asked questions for HVAC accessories of air vent
Frequently asked questions for HVAC accessories of air vent:
What is a damper?
A damper is a tool to control the volume of airflow. Damper types vary based on application.
What is a diffuser?
A diffuser is an air flow tool designed to control and release air supply air in a circular or partially-circular spreading pattern.Normally used on ceiling and economics buildings
What is a grille?
A grille is simply a cover for an opening through which supply or return air passes. Improve the room quality .
What is a register?
A register is a grille with an attached damper through which supply air passes. Registers are commonly referred to within the residential markets of the HVAC Industry.
How do you open a baseboard register?
Place the unit on a firm surface. Press down on the back of the unit with one hand and use the other hand to grip the handle. Pull down and away from the back of the unit. The face plate will snap away from the top of the edge and release. The back of the unit is now ready for installation. Close the register by snapping the face plate back into position.
What is a t-bar?
T-bar refers to a common type of suspended or drop ceiling and commonly found in commercial locations.
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