What is a supply-air & return air grille ?

What is a "supply-air" & "return air" grille ?


What is a "supply-air" & "return air"?

Supply air is conditioned air meant for delivery to an occupied space. Return air is the air taken from the occupied space that travels through return ducts and back to the air handling unit.


What is a grille?

A grille is simply a cover for an opening through which supply or return air passes. Improve the room quality .


Air grille divide into Air return grille and air supply grille. Return air grille could used for air supply and air exhaust. But Air supply grille or exhaust air grille just keep one function, Can’t use for both. How to distinguish the difference? Need check the grille’s blade and blade’s angle. The supply air grille’s upper blade is prevent wind from going out. The exhaust air grille just allow the wind going out but prevented from entering.


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