Access Panel and Access Door/ duct Access door


Duct Access Doors are made of 24 gauge galvanized steel for long lasting durability. Hinged Doors feature neoprene gasket between insulated door and frame that provides a tight seal without obstructing air system. No Hinge Doors feature a hand operated cam latch that allows complete removal of door panel. Nominal door .

The Duct inspection access door could for square duct also fit for round duct . 

Access panels and access doors play a major role in a commercial building. They can easily be installed in a wall or ceiling allowing personnel to open or close the access point in order to gain access to what is behind the wall or above the ceiling. Many access doors can be seen on tile ceilings or plaster walls. There are many types of access panels and access doors to choose from, each serving it's own special purpose. For example, we offer flat frame steel security access panels, which are great in detention or security applications, where the access panel can only be opened by authorized personnel. Likewise we also offer tile ceiling access panels, which are great for commercial buildings, where electricians or maintenance personnel need access above the tile ceiling. By having a tile ceiling access panel or access door, the personnel will not have to constantly remove ceiling tile, which can be messy and very damaging to the ceiling tile.

​The Curve duct inspection door fit for the Round tube , the Access doors are fire rated .  Our most popular access door and access panels include Fire rated access panels and access doors.Curve duct inspection door and access door, Purpose Access panels and access doors. Wall access panels and Access doors. Ceiling access panels and access doors




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