How to choose the Right bathroom ventilation fan ?

How to choose the Right size  bathroom fan ?


Everybody know our bathroom is a very wet place , home-harming humidity into the air in your home , bad for your health and furniture . need the bathroom  ventilation fans keep you from warped furniture, mold growth, cracked drywall and other trouble related with a humid bathroom. But do you know what size should the bathroom ventilation fans be ? Are they as noiseless and energy efficient as they could be?


Now the bathroom ventilation fans are small and modern and they operate more quietly and economically than ever need choose the right bath fan according their size , CFM ,noise ,housing , grill and motor .


Graded by the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air they move, a bathroom ventilation fan should be able to exchange the air in a bathroom at least eight times an hour. With a typical 8-foot ceiling, your ventilation fans should have a CFM rating at least as high as the number of square feet in your bathroom. So, if your bathroom is 5 feet by 8 feet, a CFM rating of 40 would be satisfactory.


If you have a larger ceiling, the equation gets a little more complicated. You’ll want to multiply the width of the room by its height and length, divide it by 60 and multiply by 8. Or, to keep it simple, you can follow HGTV’s tips for bathrooms larger than 100 square feet – determine your CFM requirements by increasing 50 CFM for every toilet; 50 CFM for each shower, bath and combo; and 100 CFM for each whirlpool.






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